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Ukraine Visa Requirements for Indians

Country name :


Do Indians require visa to travel to this country :


Is visa on arrival facility available to Indians to visit this country :


Documents required for processing :

A. Passport must be valid for at least three months after the declared exit date from Ukraine. In case substantial grounds are presented the said requirement may not apply. It must have at least two spare pages and must not be issued more than ten years ago. B. One Visa form (Photocopy not allowed). C. Two passport-size photographs. D. A short-term visa application should be accompanied by one of the following documents: • Standardized invitation of a person or entity issued by the regional body or by the state division of the Immigration Service of Ukraine. • Invitation from the ministry, other central executive authorities, state institutions, enterprises or organizations. • Document confirming family relationship with a citizen of Ukraine or a foreign citizen or stateless person that has permanent or temporary residence permit (such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate). • Certificate of the Person of Ukrainian origin and his/her application along with the results of the interview with the Ukrainian diplomatic or consular staff and evidence for Ukrainian ethnical descent or Ukrainian origin of the foreign citizen or stateless person. The spouse and children of the Person of Ukrainian origin, if traveling and staying in Ukraine together, have to submit an application and provide documents confirming family relationships. • Document confirming that the nature of travel is tourism in accordance with the Ukrainian Law on Tourism. • Invitation from a Ukrainian medical treatment facility. • Document confirming that the person is a co-founder of a joint venture or a company (firm, association etc.) representative and that he/she travels to Ukraine to monitor the performance of contracts. • Confirmation from the Committee on Humanitarian Aid of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the entry of the foreign citizen or stateless person for the purpose of providing humanitarian aid or charity.

Approximate processing time :

02 - 04 Working Days

Approximate fees :

•Single Entry (90 Days): Rs. 5,525 (USD 85) Approx. ; •Urgent: Single Entry (90 Days): Rs. 11,050 (USD 170) Approx. ; •Double Entry (90 Days): Rs. 8,450/- (USD 130) Approx. ; •Urgent: Double Entry (90 Days): Rs. 16,900/- (USD 260) Approx. ; •Multiple Entry (90 days): Rs. 13,000/- (USD 200) Approx. ; •Urgent: Multiple Entry (90 days): Rs. 26,000/- (USD 400) Approx.

Note :

Personal Presence of the Applicant is mandatory for visa application. All consular fees have to be deposited to the Embassy's accounts in the Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL Bank). All payments should be made on the ground of the payment authorization issued by the Visa Officer after submission all necessary documents for the relevant Consular action to the Embassy. To confirm the payment for Consular action an Applicant has to provide the original and one copy of the bank's draft demand with the stamp on the date of transaction.

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