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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review: Trip Leader Niyati Saxena

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In September 2019, Garvita Sharda accompanied trip leader Niyati Saxena to Tawang. As Niyati sat in her return flight, she opened the book she had been carrying. Garvita was her roommate and had told her on the last day that I hope you finally read the book. So, as the flight took off and Niyati opened the book, this letter from Garvita fell out where she spoke about the trip and her experience:

Trip Leader Niyati SaxenaHie

You know how excited I was to come on this trip with Neeraj and how scared I was to see this trip as a “whole couple trip” on the coffee shop in the airport, I had requested you to be my roommate and you remembered it & stayed with me at all locations….

Thank you so much for ir..

An ever smiling, chirpy good morning was how my day started…

Thinking about people and  making their birthdays special on a trip along with strangers requires a lot of consideration & patience. 

Also the fact, you are always ready for any activity, games etc that any of us suggested or wanted to do. You never made anyone feel left out. Be it at the Bumla pass when Hridesh wanted to go at the view point & none of us felt like stepping out in the cold or when I told you that I too have 2000 songs in playlist but never get an opportunity to play them. 

On his own trip review

I have seen days when things were slightly not working (as a trip leader) or when you were upset with some situations, none of it could ever affect your happy and smiley nature.

Keep working towards & for your passion, keep dancing your way to glory and please take care of your health in midst of these trips.

Love, Garvita Sep ‘19 

It was great knowing you and I am going with no regrets of not having a trip with Neeraj. Howsoever, I would want to come back again with OHOT to have a trip with him to find the reasons of him able to recognise such awesome trip leaders 


On his own trip review

Trip Leader Niyati Saxena

Trip Leader review

Trip Leader Niyati Saxena

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