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Ahmedabad Food Guide

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A food guide through Ahmedabad – well I don’t think we can cover all the places in 1 article given how many amazing joints Ahmedabad has. It is a foodie’s paradise. And I am sure no visit to Ahmedabad can be complete without a food tour through the city. Bookmark this article for the next time you are there. 

Swati Snacks

Head over to Swati Snacks for some of the most authentic and traditional Gujarati food in town. Popular among both local residents and visitors alike, food here is always mouth-watering. Try some handvo and dhokla with a glass of fresh sugarcane juice. 

Swati Snacks
Source: https://www.swiggy.com/restaurants/swati-snacks-ellis-bridge-navrangpura-ahmedabad-91930

Oswal’s Jalebi Fafda

My first time in Ahmedabad, and I was blown away with the different varieties of food. The best part about my mornings were eating Jalebi and Fafda for breakfast. Fafda is a famous Gujrati snack that is made of gram flour and is served with sweet and salty chutney. Pair up with some sweet jalebis and voila you are set for the day. So if you also want to try this amazing combination (you must), head over to Oswal’s which is one of the must visit it on your food spree in Ahmedabad.

Das Khaman Outlets

Any talk about Gujarat and Gujarati snacks is incomplete without Khaman. Made from besan, topped with fried chilli and mustard seed tadka, and coriander leaves, Khaman is a Gujarati delicacy that is often confused with Dhokla. It is a sweet and savory sponge that melt in your mouth in no time. The best place to have Khaman in Ahmedabad is at Das Khaman House that serves delicious Khaman with Sev, Green Chilis, and coriander leaves. The menu also offers impressive variety of other aromatic and lip-smacking Gujarati snacks like ‘Vaatidalno Khaman’, ‘Sev-khamni’, ‘patra’, ‘Navtaadna samosa’ and a lot more.

Das Khaman Outlets
Source: https://magicpin.in/Ahmedabad/Navrangpura/Restaurant/Das-Khaman/store/11819b/photos/?img=Store-Images&id=4

Manek Chowk

Satisfy your mid-night food cravings at Manek Chowk. Present in old Ahmedabad and surrounded by historical structure, Manek Chowk is a city square that is filled with stunning food joints. This place specializes as a one stop dinner spot where most people enjoy midnight hogging. Numerous mouthwatering dishes define the night life of the city like bhaji-pao, ragda patties, Chinese dishes, chaat and unusual sandwiches and burgers (imagine chocolate cheese, pineapple cheese sandwiches). 

HL College Road

This is another place that is filled with food wagons and small food establishments that serves tasty snacks and soft drinks. How often do you crave Maggi? Have a plate of Cheese Tadka Maggi, famously known as ‘HL ni Maggi’. Options like Masala Maggi, Cheese Maggi, Manchurian Frankie, Paneer Tikka Frankie, BBQ Frankie cater to your hunger pangs instantly.

Source: https://hungrito.com/ 

Om Sai Paratha

Om Sai Parantha is among the notable kings of street food in Ahmedabad and does not require an introduction. It’s nothing less of a five-star joint serving delicious parathas of various varieties and fillings with a generous amount of butter every time. The 5-in-1 paratha and the cheese paratha are hot favourites, and believe it or not, you need a reservation to eat here. The place is so popular that it’s always packed with Indian and foreign visitors waiting to bite into some spicy and buttery paranthas here.

Baghdad Fry Center

Gujarati cuisine mainly focuses on vegetarian dishes which include different spices that give them a unique touch. Most of the street food in Gujarat is for vegetarians but those who like non-vegetarian will surely not get disappointed by the street food in Ahmedabad as Baghdad fry centers offer flavourful and delicious non-vegetarian food with Mutton chaaps and keema chops as their specialty. Baghdad fry center is one of the amazing places for food lovers and will surely delight your taste buds.

Baghdad Fry Center
Source: https://restaurant-guru.in/Baghdad-Fry-Center-Ahmedabad


Moving over from street foods to the fine dining restaurants, Agashiye tops the list. Agashiye translates to “Terrace” in Gujarati. This beautiful restaurant is spread over two huge terraces are inter-connected by a smaller one that houses a small wooden cottage. There is no menu in the traditional sense here. Instead, all throughout the meal, attentive waiters keep bringing a succession of delicious vegetarian Gujarati food to the table which together constitute the Thali. If you want to take someone for a contemporary Gujarati experience at its best, set in an impressive decor then Agashiye is your best bet.


You can’t skip a traditional Gujarati Thali when in Ahmedabad and out of the several numerous Thaali joints across the city, Vishala is a favourite among the people. Vishala has an open-air restaurant setting with a traditional village theme. The guests are seated on a mud floor while the warm and hospitable staff wait on them. The food is also based on village staples, and aims to be low on fat by including baked and roasted foods, greens, sprouted salads, and other healthy ingredients. Accompanying the meals are performances by the folk dancers that add a nice touch to the experience. 

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